Article | February 20, 2018

Shipping: Free Or Fast, Which Is Better?

Source: ProShip, Inc.
In-store Fulfillment

Customers are increasing the size of their baskets in order to qualify for free shipping.

While most retailers already know that their customers desire free shipping, what they might not know is that today’s consumers are willing to wait longer periods of time to get it. While providing both free shipping and fast shipping are important, a surprising 74% of shoppers generally prefer free or cheaper shipping options over fast shipping. But this doesn’t mean that they’re willing to wait too long.

Without choices and because of expensive costs, customers are jumping ship and abandoning their shopping carts. They’re also abandoning because of the following reasons: the absence of a free shipping option, slow shipping estimates and being unaware of the shipping costs. According to ProShip's 2017 State of Shipping in Commerce report, 82% of shoppers think that shipping costs are too expensive. Since most customers choose to pay for regular shipping, expectations from these 'purchases' are high, i.e. they expect their order to be delivered on-time and within five days or less.