E-Book | November 5, 2018

Stopped At The Border: Why Product Testing Matters

Source: Amber Road
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Crossing Borders is a Hot Topic and Revolves Around the Global Tide of Protectionism.

There are volumes of legal documentation and a corps of agents enforcing regulations in each country all over the word. These rules are in place for many reasons: protecting against terrorism, consumer safety, balancing trade, and generating revenue, to name a few.

International trade is subject to various controls and regulations that need to be met to ensure goods are moved legally without complications. However, goods of all kinds sometimes never get past checkpoints for several reasons, causing massive delays and ripples across supply chains – hitting the bottom lines of businesses along the way.

Many don’t recognize the importance that appropriate product testing and documentation has on global exports and imports. Multiple government agencies are in play in this critical area of customs clearance – in the U.S., Consumer Product Safety Commission, Food and Drug Administration, Customs and Border Protection, Fish and Wildlife, and others. Lack of testing and certification, which needs to occur long before the goods are packed for shipment, can lead to improper or incomplete documentation. This becomes a show stopper for global shippers long before the goods get into the hands of the consumer.