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Top Five Questions About Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Source: ProShip, Inc.
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What is shipping software?

This can be an open-ended question because each provider may define it differently. Essentially, it’s carrier-agnostic software that enables retailers to provide the best shipping cost and carrier options at checkout, automatically generate carrier-compliant labels, manifests and other required documentation, and present shipping options that consumers want. Software tools optimize service, efficiency, control costs, and ensure orders get on the right truck faster. And that keeps consumers coming back.

Where does shipping software fit in the mix?

It integrates seamlessly with…

WMS (Warehouse Management Solution)
A WMS software application supports day-to-day warehouse operations. It enables the centralization of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations, as well as maximizing the use of facilities.

TMS (Transportation Management Solution)
A TMS is software that plans freight movement, freight rating and shopping across all modes. It selects the optimal route and carrier while managing freight bills and payments.