Article | February 5, 2018

Top 5 Myths Of Shared Warehousing: Myth #1 – Making Goods "Retail Ready" Is Difficult

Source: LeSaint Logistics

By Brian Smith, Director of Operations at LeSaint Logistics

Warehouse & DC Picking Automation

Many logistics executives in consumer packaged goods companies have come to believe that a shared warehousing environment generally requires that you sacrifice your ability to get your goods ‘retail ready’ – that is, ready to meet unique retailer requirements.  Learn more about how this misconception can get in the way of consumer packaged goods companies achieving 99.5% shipping accuracy from their warehouse operation.

In fact, this common misconception is shared with us nearly every time we meet with a new consumer packaged goods client. They believe they will not be able to get their goods ‘retail ready’ from within the four walls of a shared warehouse in their logistics network.

For reasons we do not totally understand, there is a long-held belief that shared warehouses (sometimes also called multi-client warehouses or public warehouses) operate on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model.  Truly, the belief we hear, is that you get access to some space to store inventory, but service, flexibility and ultimately, the customizations required to get products ‘retail ready’ are impossible to meet in a shared warehouse environment.