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Amber Road is a leading provider of on-demand Global Trade Management (GTM) solutions. Our GTM solutions automate import and export processes to enable goods to flow unimpeded across international borders in the most efficient, compliant and profitable way. Our solutions use a combination of enterprise-class software, intelligent trade content, and a global trade network that connects supply chain participants such as importers, exporters, freight forwarders, customs brokers and transportation carriers.

Our business has benefited from an explosion in global trade volumes over the past ten years in the USA and Europe. Companies of all sizes and nearly every industry are pursuing low-cost-country sourcing strategies with suppliers located in places like China, India and Southeast Asia. Global trade volumes are also being driven by higher exports as companies seek new markets to accelerate growth.

The increase in international shipment volumes combined with a proliferation of country-specific trade regulations have led to a need for global trade automation. Governments around the world are increasingly adding more stringent controls to cross-border trade in an effort to boost revenues from duties and taxes, spur economic growth, protect national interests and improve security. Companies can no longer manage the complexity of trade compliance by adding personnel or using spreadsheets.

Global logistics has also become more complex. International shipments span greater distances, have much longer lead times and include more trading partners. A single international shipment can touch more than a dozen trading partners. Goods often fall into a black hole and don't emerge for as long as sixty days while in-transit. Shippers must deal with multiple languages, time zones, currencies, and modes of transport for each shipment. A mistake at any step along the supply chain can mean delays, extra costs, government fines and waste.

Amber Road changes the way companies conduct global trade. Many of our customers, including some of the world's largest enterprises, have automated their global trade processes for the first time with our solutions. We replace a combination of spreadsheets, ineffective home grown solutions, and manual processes with a comprehensive suite of products that automate trade from the time a purchase order is placed with an overseas supplier to the time a shipment is delivered. Our GTM suite includes products that manage transportation costs, optimize logistics, provide shipment tracking and visibility, ensure compliance with import and export regulations, and assist companies in the implementation and use of preferential and free-trade agreements.

Automating global trade requires more than software. It also requires trade content. Trade content includes harmonized tariff codes, restricted party lists, export regulations, import regulations, shipping documents, preferential duties and taxes, specifications involving free trade agreements, transportation rates, and sailing schedules.


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