Retail Supply Chain App Notes & Case Studies

  1. Top 10 Retailer Reaps Big Benefits From New Battery Solution For Mobile Devices

    A well-known, Top 10 retailer was experiencing significant problems with its voice and data (barcode scanners and printers) mobile devices in its scores of Distribution Centers and thousands of stores nationwide. Its voice devices, the Spectralink 84xx series WiFi phones, were an obvious problem because they were regularly failing mid-shift which not only caused staff productivity losses but, worse, hurt the overall customer experience. It also resulted in lost sales.

  2. SATO's Shelf Edge Labeling: A Better Approach

    In 2005, experts at Procter & Gamble® dubbed the shelf as the "first moment of truth" in retail, where shelf-level merchandising, promotion and advertising can greatly affect consumer choice. This is the point at which marketers have the best opportunity to convert a browser into a buyer.

  3. Retail Tag And Label System Improves Distribution

    In the apparel industry, distribution to multiple destinations has to be precise and fast.  The customers of a famous clothing manufacturer in Japan asked their department stores and wholesalers to examine their logistics management to try and improve accuracy, and the speed of deliveries.

  4. Ultra High-Volume Handbag Importer Tags, Packages, Labels, And Ships Within 48 Hours

    Ultra high-volume handbag importer tags, packages, labels and ships within 48 hours.

  5. Burlington Coat Taps Supply Chain Solution To Achieve Vendor Collaboration Strategy

    Burlington Coat Factory partnered with Compliance Networks to implement the Retail Compliance Management Solution (rCMS). The solution, which was implemented throughout BCF’s entire distribution system, immediately illuminated an array of vendor routing, shipping and packaging violations.

  6. Elder-Beerman Targets Visibility In Tackling Supply Chain Challenges

    Elder-Beerman (EB) recognized that efforts to proactively manage its vendor compliance process were incomplete, and were adding costs to the bottom line. After an extensive buy versus build analysis, Elder-Beerman elected to deploy Compliance Networks' vendor compliance management solution. Submitted by Compliance Networks