News Feature | September 11, 2017

Office Depot Looks To Cloud Services To Improve Its Supply Chain

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Office Depot

Elementum will help fortify the retailer’s onmichannel operations.

Office Depot has announced  an agreement with cloud-based applications provider Elementum, to help enhance its ability to deliver products and services faster and at scale across its omnichannel operations, according to a press release. Elementum says that its apps will provide the ability for Office Depot to achieve cloud-based collaboration and visibility across all segments of its business operations, from procurement, logistics, manufacturing to inventory management.

Office Depot has faced some unique challenges recently, as it deals with the failed proposed merger with Staples ad experienced important leadership changes. The office supply market has been challenged by online competitors like Amazon and big-box stores like Walmart, who can often offer lower prices and faster delivery than Office Depot traditionally has.

“Utilizing Elementum is a game-changer for our operations and performance,” said Gerry Smith, chief executive officer of Office Depot, Inc. “With this sophisticated technology, we will transform our company, as we fully leverage this tremendous asset to better serve our existing customers and seek new opportunities.”

Office Depot executives will also have access to Elementum’s ”Mission Control” center, a central dashboard from which they will be able to see and manage production, shipping and inventory based on data aggregated from all of the Elementum apps they have in place, the press release stated.

“Reaching customers is not about slashing costs; it’s about creating a frictionless experience that captivates them. I am impressed with Office Depot’s commitment to transformation, and it inspires me to team up with businesses that invite big change. This partnership with Office Depot is exactly what Elementum stands for: empowering companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences,” said Nader Mikhail, founder and CEO of Elementum.