Case Study

Premium American Brand Saves Millions In NAFTA Duties

Source: Amber Road
How MSPs Automate Business

The company is an American icon creating and selling home maintenance products across North America. Defined by the company’s innovation, technology, and leadership, the brand has also set new standards of excellence in every aspect of its production and supply chain.

The Challenge

Canada is the company’s primary export market so leveraging the NAFTA trade agreement was very important. The company saw a need to reduce time at the border, lower duties, and create efficiency by replacing an outdated, manual approach.

The Solution

Amber Road’s Trade Agreements solution enabled the company to centralize and automate their North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) processes. The solution provided an efficient means to collaborate with their suppliers and automate the NAFTA qualification process. Using existing data integrated from SAP, they could illuminate issues, identify means to resolve them, and align the teams on the same page, all within the Amber Road platform.

The company was also able to realize the value of working with the team at Amber Road to ensure a smooth implementation and integration with their existing software and business practices.